The following events were organised or co-organised by our group:

Israel as Hostile Environment: 1948 Palestinian Citizens Speak Out

10 June 2021

This webinar was organised in response to the recent eruption of violence in Israel/Palestine, focussing on the plight of Palestinian students and staff within the Israeli academia as they are increasingly exposed to racist abuse and political oppression.

Recording coming soon.


Organised by Israeli Academics in the UK.

The Israeli Academy and the Palestinian Struggle: Accounts of Recent Events on University Campuses

23 June 2021

A virtual event in which Palestinian researchers were heard describing some of what they have had experienced in Israeli universities over the past few weeks.

Recording available here.

Organised by the Columbia University Center for Palestine Studies and co-sponsored by a number of organisations, including Academia for Equality and Israeli Academics in the UK.

UCU Scotland event on the IHRA definition of antisemitism

7 July 2021

An online event to inform members of the IHRA definition of antisemitism, which has already been adopted by several universities without consultation, and the UCU response to it. The event, led by UCU members and featuring speakers from across Scotland, informed members about the definition, why it is problematic, and what adoption of the definition does to academic freedom and the work of our members and students.

Organised by UCU Scotland, featuring speakers from Scottish universities and Israeli Academics in the UK.