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On British Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Palestinian Rights

Avi Shlaim

Middle East Eye, 1 March 2021


From the 'original sin' of 1917 to the government's more recent adoption of the controversial IHRA antisemitism definition, Britain has always been firmly in Israel's camp


The IHRA’s Careless Conflations on Antisemitism (and Few Alternatives)

Moshe Behar

25 March 2021 Global Currents

In this post, Moshe Behar critiques the recent letter sent by English Secretary of State Gavin Williamson to university chancellors instructing them to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliances’ (IHRA) definition of antisemitism. Behar contends that the definition of antisemitism that the IHRA has put forward is meant to squash legitimate democratic forms of criticism of the state of Israel much more than to help identify and stamp out antisemitism.

Against Jewish Exceptionalism

Nira Yuval-Davis

JVL 21 February 2021

This talk by Nira Yuval-Davis was presented to a Social Scientists Against the Hostile Environment webinar ‘Imposing racialised state discourses: Racism in Britain today’ with Malcolm Richards, Nira Yuval-Davis and Colin Prescod.

In it she argues strongly that treating anti-Jewish racism as exceptional works to the detriment of solidarity between Jews and other racialised groups.

It has been lightly revised and edited for this print version while retaining its form as a spoken text.